On 19 March, the team of Dreamers Destination Treks couldn't set Camp III because of high winds. Today, 20th March, two climber Mingma Gyalzen Sherpa and Angeli Sherpa will fix camp III. Other remains support climber and clients will arrive in Camp II today. 

16 march,The team of Dreamers Destination Treks have reached camp I. They will reach camp II on 17 march. They are make way for camp III on 18 march.

                                   First Ascent Team in Rolwaling Valley completed
                On 26th September, the first Nepalese team on first ascent in Rolwaling headed to Rolwaling Valley. They planned to climb 3 new mountains which were never been climbed. All the 3 members of the team are from Rolwaling valley and they took their step to explore the valley. There are many unclimbed peaks and  the valley itself is so beautiful to trek. Now it's getting its popularity as best destination for ice climbing and rock climbing in Nepal. It is also the nearest place for climbing and trekking from capital city, Kathmandu, Nepal.
They are professional guides in Nepal with trained from Nepal National Mountain Guide Association affiliated to IFMGA/UIAGM.This first phase of Mountain Guide course from IFMGA in Nepal held in Rolwaling.

  The team including Nima Tenji Sherpa, Tashi Sherpa and Dawa Gyalje Sherpa successfully completed 3 new peak ascents.  They climbed Mt Raungsiyar on 4th October at 3:15pm, Mt Langdak on 5th October 11:45am and Thakar-East on 6th October at 11:30am.


Raunsiyar (6224m)

   The team climbed Raungsiyar on 4th October at 15:15pm. The snow condition was good but they took longer time to find the route to summit. As it was first expedition to Mr Raungsiyar, it is official that this is the first successful expedition.


Langdak (6220m)

   The team made summit on 5th October at 11:45am. They saw six 8000m peaks from the summit. If it is so then this is the only peak from where you can see six 8000m peak at same time. This is easier peak compared to other 2 peaks and it is good for all kind of climbers to have best mountains view.


ThakarGo East (6152m)

     Today at 11:30am, the team made successful ascent on Mount ThakarGo East. This is technical mountain. They found very difficult to reach the summit but they successfully climbed it. The 3 Nepalese team successfully completed 3 peaks as we planned.

   We are very proud to be part of this expedition as organizer and sponsoring them. We are also thankful to other sponsors for making this program successful

We will soon send pictures and detail report when then come back the Kathmandu. We would like to congratulate the whole team and we are very happy to sponsor this great project.

March 13th 2015, the team of Annapurna I Expedition of DD Treks have completed setting camp II. They are heading back to Base Camp. The weather forecast predicted to have high wind and some snow fall till march 16. 

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