On 22nd August 2014, 10 members from china, USA and Nepal successfully climbed Mt. Elbrus, highest peak of Europe. Mt. Elbrus is considered one of the seven summit peaks. Team leader Temba Tsheri Sherpa (Nepal) said though it is not that big Mountain but it is extremely cold and unpredictable weather. Team Planed to climb on 21st August but due to bad weather & white out team had to stay one more day at the camp. This Expedition was coordinately organized by Dreamers Destination Treks & Exp (Nepal) & Crazy Mountain Outdoor (china).  They started on 4:00am with snow cat up to 4700m. All the team members successfully reached summit one by one though they were not on the summit same time. 

Summit Team name list:-

1.Temba Tsheri Sherpa – Nepal/ Everest sumiter

2.Farhan kadri-USA 

3.Ma Liyamu-China

4. Chu Han – China 

5.Zhang jian guo-China 

6.Sun Jin-China 

7.Yuan wei- China 

8.Deng Guo zhen –china/ Everest sumiter

9.Luo Guan xiong –china/ Everest sumiter 

10.Liu yong Zhong-china/ Everest sumiter


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