Manang valley is beneath the giant mountains of Annapurna’s and is very rich in its culture.Manang valley is divided into two catogories like upper Manang valley and lower Manang valley.


Upper manang valley is divided into 6 villages and they are Pisang (3280m), Gyaru (3670m), Ngwal (3657m), Braka (3470m), Manang (3540m) and Khanskar (3738m). People from these villages are called Nyeshyangte (nye=us, shyang=historical place in Tibet) so its believed that ancestors of these valley decented from Tibet but some old people denies this and it kind of make sense because their is no simalirity in language. People are buddhist in this valley, there are lots of chortens,mani walls,prayers flags and yes monastries that are above 500 years old. This valley is famous for its rich culture,monastries,wildlife,highest lake(Tilicho lake) and its highest pass,Thorang La Pass 5416m.

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