Tsang Yin Hung/Ada (Hongkong)

Tsang Yin Hung/Ada (Hongkong) The fastest woman to climb Everest (2021)

There are many people asking me the key factors attributed to my success in “Speed Ascent Everest” and set the world record. I think there are four factors. They are mental and physical strength, luck, and most importantly teamwork. I am sure without teamwork, I have had no way to accomplish my goal this time. Definitely, my world record is not a personal achievement but a team achievement. I am so lucky and be blessed to join DD. We are not perfect individually but we form a perfect and dream team.

Thanks to Phurba's great leadership, everyone in our team takes their life to secure my goal and protect my safety. I failed to summit in my first attempt on May 12, due to the scary snowstorm, we have to quit at 8750m, 90 m from the top. Without much discussion, my team was busy preparing my second attempt when I returned to basecamp, I know everyone is extremely tired from the first attempt but they share my determination to do the speed climb. Under Phurba's strong leadership, with detailed and professional planning, we finally achieved the speed climb of Everest, in 25 hours 50 minutes on May 23, 9 days later.

I have joined DD for 7 years, we share the same core value: we all respect mountains and respect life.

Guyu Cen (China)

Guyu Cen (China) Everest Expedition 2018 (Leader)

There are many climbing companies in Nepal. Dreamers Destination is a company that I can trust because I have already climbed Mt. Manaslu with the company. They provided excellent service during my expedition to Mt. Everest. I had a great experience with them while climbing Mt Manaslu in autumn 2017 and Mt. Everest in spring 2018. Phurba Tenjing Sherpa is smart and strong climber as well a very good team leader and have good plan for all the members.

Xiao Jun Wu (USA)

Xiao Jun Wu (USA) Everest Expedition 2018 (Member)

Last year I trekked with Dreamers Destination and Phurba Tenjing Sherpa upto Lobuje. They were real professional in the mountains. They are concerned about the safety first of all the members during the whole expedition.

Chin Wui Kin (Malaysia)

Chin Wui Kin (Malaysia) Everest Expedition 2018 (Member)

I must say I have joined many company including some western company for my previous expedition, but I am very happy with Dreamers Destination. I think they have organized everything very well like almost perfection. They help to fulfill my dream, without them it was never possible. They provided very good service including foods, tents and logistics from the start to the end of the expedition.